Love Thyself-Nimba

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This project is led by Darrell Palmer, a Volunteer from North Carolina

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Darrell facilitates the Love Thyself-Nimba 2018 workshop.
The purpose of this project is to educate Liberians on the importance of self-love. Many Liberians have a negative belief that their physical features are not as beautiful or aesthetically pleasing due to issues of "toxic masculinity, low-self esteem and lack of skin/natural hair care knowledge. I have noticed that most often, people with lighter skin are treated more favorably than those with darker skin. Studies have shown that both whites and blacks are more favorably disposed toward people with lighter skin, rating them smarter, wealthier, and even happier. 

Consequently, Liberians, as well as other ethnicities feel the need to change their appearance to European standards of beauty. 

This project will address said issues by discussing colorism, masculinity, and self-esteem, which are global issues that are not talked about often, yet it affects every community around the world. Furthermore, this project will highlight the beauty in black skin and natural hair, and how to use local resources to nourish their skin and hair.

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