Long-Term Proactive Test & Treat Campaign to Reduce the Morbidity of Malaria

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This project is led by Thomas D'Arcy Williams, a Volunteer from District of Columbia

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The doctor training teams on malaria related interventions.
Thomas works with his counterparts maximizing existing health systems to significantly reduce the morbidity of malaria.
This community-led project is designed to maximize existing health systems to significantly reduce the morbidity from malaria in an urban town in the Littoral Region. Due to the favoring climate, malaria can represent up to 80% of all sicknesses across health centers. This project will launch a proactive form of community case management (CCM) of malaria to provide critical services to the most vulnerable population, children under five - who make up +30% of all malaria cases. In Cameroon, government community health workers (ASCs) are trained to test and treat simple malaria in people’s homes and this project intends to maximize this program, which is free for children under five. 

From March to June, peak malaria season, ASCs will conduct weekly proactive screenings across 12 primary & nursery schools, covering +500 students under the age of five. This project will train 30 teachers on malaria, and build a collaborative system with ASCs to detect sick children. During screenings, symptomatic cases of malaria will be immediately tested and treated for children under five for free. As malaria cases tend to cluster within a household, ASCs will then visit the child’s home and proactively test the entire family. The community’s in-kind contribution includes the equipment and venue for training, and mass communication strategies. This proactive form of CCM aims to reduce the high morbidity from malaria by promptly testing & treating cases of simple malaria in children under five and their families, therefore breaking the malaria transmission cycle early.

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