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This project is led by Hannah Olson-Williams, a Volunteer from Ohio

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The Local Secondary School is the only post-primary school in the area. Currently, the Secondary School hosts Form A, B, and C students, but does not offer Forms D and E (similar to grades 11 and 12 in the US), which are necessary to graduate from high school. Students who wish to complete their high school education must attend boarding school in the district capital which is more than 50km away.

With the help of this grant, students at the  Secondary School will no longer have to attend boarding school to complete their high school education. The construction of an additional classroom will allow the Secondary School to become a High School by providing space for Forms D and E. 

In 2016 construction of a classroom was started but halted suddenly due to lack of funds. This grant will facilitate completion of this classroom and provide space to host Forms D and E at Quthing Secondary School. Instead of having to pay expensive transportation and fees to send students far away to boarding school, parents and guardians will save money by sending their students to our High School which is within walking distance.

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