School Renovations in Zambia

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This project is led by Shelby Shackelford, a Volunteer from Kentucky

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The local primary school currently caters to over 700 students and only has 6 operating classrooms because the other school block is not in working condition and is without desks. My school is supposed to have 17 teachers to accommodate the number of students attending and currently only has 11, but due to the fact that we only have 6 working classrooms, the DEBS office cannot send any more teachers to us until we have enough classrooms for the teachers to teach in. Currently our school has 70 desks which can seat 210 students, therefore most of the students are forced to sit in the floor while learning. The purpose of this grant is to create more functioning learning spaces for our school so that the school is able to receive more teachers, lower class sizes, provide more individualized learning attention, and enough desks to seat all of the students. This project would include renovations to the school block such as new flooring, windows, doors, and blackboards, as well as the building of new tables for the classrooms. The community is contributing labor to this project, as all of the builders for this project are community members. This project would greatly enhance the learning experience of learners as well as present the opportunity for the community to receive more teachers.

The community has been the driving force behind this project. This initiative started before I had come to be a volunteer within this community. Some parts of this project have already been executed by the community such as the roof replacements and the budget creation. I discovered the community’s need for this grant while attending a PTA and community meeting at the school where they were discussing ways in which they can slowly work towards the repair of the school block while funds are low. Since this meeting, a few PTA members and the deputy met with members of the community who are builders and began creating the budget for the items and tools necessary to repair the school block and build new desks.

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