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This project is led by Alyssa Morris, a Volunteer from Indiana

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This project seeks funds to aid in the construction of a community library. The local primary school administration will take responsibility for the library, while the community (seven villages) and four surrounding schools will have access to it. The library would serve as an information hub, providing community members access to different types of reading material, as well as a physical space to allow for educational programs, such as adult literacy classes. The entirety of this project's creation, planning and implementation has been community lead and driven. Multiple community meetings have already been held to discuss the vision of the library. A library committee has been formed, which meets on a weekly basis. The members of this committee have been working together to design an implementation plan that meet the needs and vision of the community members, teachers and pupils. Members of the committee predict the success of this project to lead to increased literacy levels within the community, higher performance in school by students and increased economic activity within the surrounding villages.

This project has been community initiated. The entire planning process and design of the project has also been done by community members. The library committee consists of teachers, school administration, community members, and students. The community outreach coordinator has created a schedule to visit 2 villages per week over the course of two months. They will be meeting with members to discuss the library project in further detail, provide education for how the library can be used, and encourage them to use the library once it is built. Members of the community have started writing story books in the local language to add to the library's stock. Teachers have agreed to work with students to create story books for the library as well. The headmen of seven different villages have worked alongside the library committee to create and implement a brick molding schedule. Two members of the community have volunteered to take on the librarian role and four students have volunteered to help them. These same students will also be leading a library club. They will be training other students on the basics of what a library is and the different ways in which it can be used.

The school administration has agreed to oversee all sustainability and management of the library. The librarians will play a huge role in sustainability as well. The school will primarily contribute to the sustainability of the library in terms of monetary necessities. They will run a small business, selling uniforms and school supplies to students. All profits will go into a library fund. They have also agreed to use PTA (Parent Teacher Association) funds for upkeep, if necessary. The librarians will keep the library organized with the help of the school library club. They will be responsible for book repairs, keeping order within the building, as well as coordinating library events. The librarians and school administration will keep in contact with each other regarding repairs and/or new reading materials that need to be purchased with library funds.

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