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This project is led by Hannah Duliere, a Volunteer from West Virginia

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Our School would like to install a library and renovate multiple classrooms that are unfit for proper instruction. Many of our classrooms have leaking roofs, broken doors, and broken windows. With these conditions, it does cause many interruptions due to weather conditions. Our Community’s hope is to replace any inadequate roofs in classrooms, fix all broken windows, paint every room, and add tile to most class rooms. With these major improvements, our hope is that each learner will feel comfortable and safe at school. Where we would like to place our library is within an abandoned room that has a very large hole in the wall and does not contain lights, tiles, a door, or windows. We would like to rectify this by adding tile floors, a door, lights, and windows. Once the building is then adequate for learning, then we would like to add shelves, books, and desks. With these major improvements, it allows for a proper learning environment for long term use.

The outcome of this project is to build community interest in the school and volunteerism. The best outcome would be to have an extra room for a library or classes and to provide resources not only for the school but the community. Once our project is complete and construction is finalized, the lead on our project would like to take the lead in getting books donated from local resources. Once that project is complete and the library is open, we plan on having a community workshop that will be run by multiple teachers. During this workshop, they will explain proper organization and management. Their hope is to get volunteerism from the community or parents to keep the library open during school hours and afternoon classes when teachers are unavailable. This will also allow for every teacher to use and open the library during free periods or for classes. Our information and communications teacher has volunteered to train library prefects that will be assigned daily for general upkeep. This will ensure that the long-term use of the space will remain constant and give responsibilities to the learners that can help them throughout life. The availability of the extra space will also help cut down class sizes and allow more room for extracurricular like clubs, classes, and tutoring. The general upkeep of the building once complete will have minimal costs be managed by the chief, cleaner, community and teachers. The new technology that will be brought in as well will be maintained by the ICDI teach.

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