Library and Literacy Project

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This project is led by Alexis Brierley, a Volunteer from South Carolina

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Library Literacy Building photo
Alexis and her counterparents are working together to build a library.

Adamawa seeks to build a library for the entire community, but with a particular emphasis on students at the secondary school. This library will be staffed by high school girls, who will undergo trainings throughout this upcoming school year. While helping maintain this community resource, the girls will be learning job skills and become roll models within Adamawa. Formerly, there was a library in Adamawa, but books were being stolen because of a lack of management and the building was eventually taken over as someone's office. School administrators and community members now want a library closer to the school in order for easier management and student use.

There is a small room currently on campus that holds some of the school's books, but there is no room for students to sit to read or study. It can hold about 4 students at a time and one adult supervisor. With a school that has about 1,000 students enrolled, the current structure is severely insufficient for the school's needs.

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