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This project is led by Jamison Greene, a Volunteer from Connecticut

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Peace Corps Volunteer standing in the classroom with students.
Jamison is partnering with his counterparts to finish constructing the Library ICT Center.

Akwaaba! Greetings from Ghana!! I hope this finds you well.

Did you know that the literacy rate in rural Ghana is 40%? Do you want to help make a difference by supporting students and community members of a rural Ghanaian village to increase language proficiency, gain hands-on experience working with computers, and acquire skills that can advance their future employment opportunities? Then consider helping in the development of our community's library and computer lab project.

The students of our community are hungry to learn, yet do not have simple resources available to them such as books, computers, or a quiet place to study. With the completion of this project students and community members will be able to enjoy a safe atmosphere to study, attend daily reading sessions, and take part in weekly computer training's.

From the age of 12 to 18, students in Ghana are enrolled in an information communications class every term to learn about computers yet most have never even seen a computer in their life! Imagine having to learn and to be tested on how to type on a keyboard or open a folder on a computer desktop just from chalkboard drawings and theory.

There is a clear need for a physical space in which to implement their training's. Envision your childhood or your hometown without a public library. My goal during my time in Ghana is to ensure students are able to access this vital educational resource by helping develop the first public library and computer lab in the community.

To guarantee the success and sustainability of our library and computer lab we have formed a library committee, computer lab committee, and have partnered with the NGO, African Library Project.

Our community of 7,000, is very excited about the prospect of having their first ever public library and computer lab. The community’s chief and elders have contributed an impressive $4,500 in cash and in-kind donations for the construction of the building. Even with this community contribution, we still need assistance from you to help complete the project.

100% of your tax deductible contribution will go directly to the library and computer lab building, books, shelves, tables, computers, and white boards.

If you can not give, but still want to support our cause, please share our page with your friends, family and coworkers. You have a strong network and with more people aware of our cause we will be one step closer to reaching our goal.

Help me on our mission to raise literacy rates, promote a culture of lifelong learning and provide computer experience to community members that can be used to benefit their future employment opportunities.

We will keep all donors updated on the progress of the library and computer lab project.

My community and the Peace Corps Volunteers thank you for your consideration at making this library become a reality.

Medaasepaaa! Thank you for your support!

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