Let's Play: Promoting and Developing Physical Activities for Girls and Boys

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This project is led by Bailey Hollingsworth, a Volunteer from Arizona

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“Let's Play: Promoting and Developing Physical Activities for Girls” is a grant proposal that aims to promote gender-equitable life skills and to develop physical activity among girls, boys and youth at our public middle school and in our community. An aggregate survey of 109 girls and boys from our school revealed that girls expressed great interest in volleyball, basketball, and gymnastic sports clubs and after-school activities. However, these girls do not have adequate access to these types of activities or facilities at our school or within the community which is poses as a major problem to their health and participation in physical activity. Our goal is to promote gender-equitable life skills, increase physical activity, and develop sports clubs among school-aged girls, boys and youth through after-school supplementary physical and health education with a renovated and improved volleyball, gymnastic, and basketball equipment and facilities. Our objectives include; 1. Develop and conduct an after-school health club to teach 15 youth leaders how to facilitate physical education lessons with children, and to learn supplementary nutrition and life & leadership skills, 2. Create an after-school volleyball, gymnastic and/or basketball club with the region’s youth and sports program director, the school’s physical education teacher, and youth leaders, and 3. Renovate the volleyball, gymnastic, and basketball courts with new sports equipment. We expect contributions towards this project from parents, school club fundraisers, and from the local government. This project has the potential to provide girls with the sports clubs and after-school activities that they indicated are the most important to them. We hope that promoting and developing these types of sports clubs and activities at our school will help the girls, boys and youth from the community grow into healthy and productive women and men and adopt gender-equitable attitudes.

Our project is a collaborative effort between the director, staff, and administration of the school, as well as the current health education Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) and his partners for the past year. Prior to our project’s inception and the introduction of the health education PCV, the director and administration expressed ambitions to improve the school’s sports clubs and facilities but were unable to fulfill their ambitions due to lack of funding, large class sizes, and austere policies. Upon the introduction of the health education PCV at the school in 2018, a survey of the director, staff, and school administration showed that their ambition to improve the school’s clubs and sports facilities remained and that physical activity was in the top three health behaviors to be addressed at the school. Our community's contribution is 25% of the total project and we plan on collecting this money from several different sources from within the community, including school parents as the school administration has consulted with the parental council who have agreed and calculated their expected cash contribution, the Youth Resource Center as they have guaranteed their contribution by purchasing all of the sports equipment for our project and lastly private industry through relationships formed between our school and two of the community's top manufacturers who are willing to donate materials towards construction of our sports facilities. The school club partners, school staff, and community members will continue to run their respective clubs after the conclusion of the health education PCV's service and after the completion of the grant project. Similarly, the new sports equipment and renovated sports facilities will continue to benefit and support after-school activities and sports clubs for decades with the proper aid and maintenance from the schools paid ground keepers.

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