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This project is led by Whitney Carter, a Volunteer from Washington

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We would like to create and promote a culture of leadership and civic engagement throughout our school. We will be planning, coordinating, and hosting a Project Design and Management (PDM) and Leadership seminar for the students in the eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh forms and purchasing a school set of textbooks for those forms. By the end of the seminar, students will have created a project idea to implement within their community. To set our students up for long term success, we would like to ensure they have the tools they need to flourish. The textbooks will give our students tools to improve their English which will in turn allow them to better access the resources they need for civic engagement and volunteerism. This would guarantee all students have access to high-quality, communicative textbooks, allowing them to further seek out material to aid in their civic engagement goals. The village administration will be donating 19,500 UAH to the cost of our project and our school will be providing the space and other resources needed to execute the project design and management workshop at our school. This project will enable our students to access resources outside of their current worldview and pursue civic engagement within their community.
An empty classroom with desks.
This classroom will be filled with students learning project design and ledership skills.
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