Learning to Fly - Bringing Entrepreneurship to Rezina and Beyond

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This project is led by Olorunbunmi Hambolu, a Volunteer from California

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Our project is a course in self-discovery and potential for the community of Rezina. We intend to offer professional development and personal development courses to members of our community with a focus on girls and young women from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds. We are offering a course that encapsulates both economic and social issues because social adversity can hinder business development. More so, given the professional impact that raising children can have on any woman in society, it is of the utmost imperative nature that our course includes reproductive and family planning information. The combination of all of these subjects will enable our participants to develop their own bright futures. We want to take “Let Girls Learn” to new heights, and ensure that every woman can pursue her dreams - from adolescence and beyond. Our projects are focused on women and furthering their livelihoods. Men will be involved in our projects and we will promote gender equality by treating men and women equally, and demonstrating that every woman may pursue any position in which she is qualified – because representation matters. It’s imperative that young women have access to sexual education and family planning education. Young women are more self-sufficient and independent when they acquire personal development education are more likely to lead healthier lives and be more independent. We will employ gender equality with the most effective tool: through gender empowerment. We know the women of the Rezina community have the capability and intelligence to achieve anything.

The original proposals that have transformed into what is being proposed today came from my partner who is a long-standing member of the community. In addition to being the head of her NGO, she worked with the mayor’s office for several years, ran a youth organization and worked as a teacher in schools. After discussing potential projects, we then reached out to members of the community, including the proposed professor of the Master Class series, the director of the Professional School, and conducted a survey with students and community members regarding our intentions. All community members liked and embraced the idea of professional development courses and a master class series for the Rezina raion. Not only were individuals who are currently pupils interested in the project, however so were alumni of such institutions.

The Professional School has graciously agreed to be our host and partner for the majority of our events, contributing their space and resources free of charge. Additionally, the professors at the professional school are more than willing to assist with recruitment of talented individuals to host seminars with our community and students. Further, the Business Incubator has agreed to assist in any way they can and is more than happy to contribute expertise or host events as necessary.

The project will be continued by my partner and her team that work with the NGO that I am partnered with for my service. Further, the curriculum that we built, interactively and collaboratively with the Professional School will be used long after my departure. It's important that we have a tangible curriculum with evidence of success for the Professional School to have hope of securing funding from additional NGOs and from the government. With the contact information of all of the guest lecturers, NGOs, and speakers, the Professional School and my partner NGO will have more than enough information to continue the course long after my departure.

The training equipment will be purchased by one of two ways: either through the internet through Amazon UK or in person in the country capital. The sewing machine will be monitored continuously and maintained by the staff at the professional school, who have offered us a generous discount (included in budget) for their services, and will do so for free if the damage to the machine is not great and does not require additional parts for purchase. If it does, then the NGO and Professional School will supply the funds.

The current plan for our project is to demonstrate how imperative the educational components of the work are, and then petition to receive funding from the government and additional NGOs. We believe that if we have a demonstrative track record of success, that the local government will assist, at least in part, with the funding of programming. Also, a demonstrated success will enable the community to secure funds from different sources in the future. We are committed to partnering with local and national partners to continue with the project, and potentially other schools in the region.

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