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This project is led by Albert Leano, a Volunteer from California

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Students' sitting at a desk reading and learning the latest assisgnment.
Albert works with his counterparts to provide young women (12-30 years old) an opportunity to learn and prepare for the future.
The Project aims to be a part of the solution to the local problem on poverty and common youth problems. The Project will provide beneficiaries, mostly females (12-30 years old) an opportunity to learn and prepare for the future. It will help create jobs, contribute to economy, promote community engagement in support of positive, gender-equitable norms that facilitate youth education and participation in economic and community life.

The project will provide training for beneficiaries to gain an opportunity to develop life skill learning about income opportunity, and entrepreneurship. Beneficiaries will learn about business focusing on making, selling and marketing cottage industry products garments and traditional handicrafts. Lessons on productivity, quality, cost and delivery as well as cash flow management and accounting are part of the training. The training will be computer-aided, exposing beneficiaries to resources from computers. A computer helps learning more productive. Organizations worldwide use computers in conducting business. The use and operation of industrial-type sewing tools and equipment will be a part of the dressmaking training component of the Project. Safety and housekeeping at workplace will be introduce.

The Floresti District has a population of 86,900. The District’s demographic dependence is 56.5 (25.8 for age 4 years & below; 30.7 for 60 years & over). Moldova’s total population is 3,550,852 (48% females; 52% males). The number of children in Moldova is 681,300 (thus each fifth person is aged up to 18 years old). Unemployment rate is 12.8% (12.4% male, 13.5% female; 87 country comparison to the world). Poverty rate is 17.5%. 

There are single parents and young couples who are unemployed or with insufficient family income in Floresti. They need income opportunity. Like in other parts of Moldova, many people go abroad to work due local job scarcity or for higher pay. This results to high divorce rate where children are most affected. 

Beneficiaries will include youths in age-risk class requiring attention. The Project will contribute also in solving common youth problems. Like in other parts of Moldova, Floresti common youth problems include smoking, alcoholism, drugs and early sexual relation consequential to STDs like AIDS/HIV.

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