Leadership through Food Security Camp 2018

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This project is led by Natalie Petrulla, a Volunteer from New York

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Campers standing outside listening to the leader give them directions.
Natalie and her counterparts facilitate the Leadership through Food Security Camp.
As the economy of Benin is largely based on agriculture, it is extremely pertinent for students to learn about best environmental and agricultural practices. The Leadership through Food Security Camp will be held from June 24, 2018 to June 30, 2018. This camp aims to bring together students from all areas of Benin and train them on a variety of topics related to leadership, gender equality and food security. Traditional gender roles manifest themselves in all areas of Beninese life, even in the garden and field. Even though farm work is generally a responsibility shared by men and women, the men are expected to carry out the more physically demanding tasks on the fields, while the women provide food for the workers, and clean the harvested products. Due to this clear division between males and females in the environmental domain, the camp will also include a strong gender component. Students will have the chance to meet a variety of successful agricultural entrepreneurs, male and female, who will lead technical sessions. They will serve to inspire the students and can provide guidance so that the students can address food security in their own village.
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