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This project is led by Hoshko, S., a Volunteer from California

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We are planning a five day camp for twenty-two teenagers from regional schools (14-17 years old). Each day will have a different theme related to project design and community engagement. Our five days will include lessons on how to be an active citizen, basic project design, working with local government, ecology and the environment, and leadership. Every day there will be an English component to help our participants obtain a better grasp of technical English. After the English lessons we will conduct activities to improve teamwork, self esteem, and motivation. During this time the activities our participants take part in will help with public speaking, on camera interviews and self presentation. Following these activities our participants will spend time creating a small project with a group that they will present on the final day. After the completion of the camp, we will continue to mentor participants to help them fine tune their projects and get them submitted to the participatory budget in 2020. We will create a mini documentary about the camp and activities following to help get projects known to the community and encourage others to take part in improving their community. Through this educational camp and accompanying trainings, the youth will learn the importance of and how to help their community be a better place in the future and obtain a better grasp of technical English language.

All of our trainers are local community members. All of the participants are coming from local schools. On our final day we are asking for feedback so we can improve our camp. Following the camp we are going to try to find ways to continue to do something like this after this year.

After the completion of the camp, our trainers will work as mentors to the participants to help them continue to develop their mini projects and hopefully submit them to the participatory budget the following spring. A local community member will be in charge of making sure all participants have contact information for a mentor and he will help set up monthly check-ins with participants to make sure that they are on track with their potential projects.

We will use the mini documentary that we create about the camp and the follow up process as advertising to hopefully be able to continue to have camps like this in the coming years.

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