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This project is led by Jared Mora, a Volunteer from New York

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The framework of this community led project is to empower the students of the local communities. This project consists of two parts, the construction of VIP toilets and workshops promoting menstrual health and sanitation in the village. VIP toilets will aid in village sanitation as well provide private spaces for practicing proper menstruation hygiene. Following the construction of VIP toilets a series of workshops will be given by female community leaders and separate awareness workshops for men in the community. Providing toilets for the school and households of Nalema will help to lower the amount of time that girls are absent from school.

Community leaders, teachers, and mothers have expressed full support for this project. The community believes it is crucial for girls to attend school in order to create a sustainable environment for the next generations. Female community leaders and village health workers will run workshops and community members will help dig and construct the toilets in teams.

Our project builds capacity in two different ways. First, we will educate the community about menstruation health. Second, through the construction of VIP toilets, which the aid post committee and I will work together to design.

Everyone in the community, both men and women, will learn about constructing VIP toilets as well the sanitation benefits of having them compared to having a pit latrine. Sustainability comes into play with our workshops training both men and women in the community on how to build VIP toilets and practice proper menstration hygiene. Using local materials will benefit many by cutting the cost of buying extra material. This project will be sustainable for generations to come.

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