Latrine at Primary School

  • Water & Sanitation
  • Cameroon
This project is led by Cecilia Heck, a Volunteer from Montana

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Group Picture
Students take a group photo outside their school.
This project is a latrine that will be placed at the primary school in the local community. Currently, the students use the areas surrounding the school to relieve themselves. This presents the problem of high rates of disease transmission, potentially demeaning or unsafe interactions between the students, and unsanitary conditions in general. This latrine would also help to ameliorate the difficulties faced by young girls in regards to menstrual hygiene. The objective of this project would provide safe and hygienic conditions for the students including separate bathroom areas for male students, female students, female teachers, and male teachers. The community has provided the land and agreed to dig the pit needed for the latrine. The school director has agreed to maintain and arrange groups of students for the daily cleaning of the latrines. Once the structure is finished the volunteer will complete use and maintenance education with the students. This will also include hand washing education using the WASH curriculum.
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