Keeping Golden Stream Clean with Composting Latrines

  • Water & Sanitation
  • Belize
This project is led by Trinity Smyth, a Volunteer from Massachusetts

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This project aims to improve the health and well-being of a rural, Mayan community in Belize by increasing access to improved sanitation. Through this grant, two training sessions will be held in the community, one training session will be held at a third-party organization, and nine raised, dual-vault compost latrines will be built for families who live in close proximity to the river, and currently do not have latrines. Focus is placed on households near the river, due to its utility for bathing, washing, and recreation by all community members. 

As mentioned, the project has three main components. First, recipient families will receive training on cause, prevention, and treatment of diarrheal diseases. Next, participants will attend a training to gain knowledge needed to construct, use, and maintain these compost latrines. Finally, participants will work together to build the nine latrines. The recipient families will not only provide the labor, but also tools for construction and all lumber needed for the superstructure. 

By improving sanitation practices of families near the river, this project has the potential to improve the overall environmental health and well-being of the community by reducing risk of contamination of the river and incidence of diarrheal diseases. Further, the knowledge and skills participants will gain can empower them to make additional improvements for their health and communal well-being.

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