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This project is led by Colin Kubik, a Volunteer from Washington

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Technical training is the main goal of this project. We would like to help our students learn how to user computers, cameras, video cameras and other electronics/tools that are used for the purpose of journalism. The community will help through financing and co-leading the clubs. There are members in the community who are willing to help the students learn certain skills that are required when using such technologies such as video cameras and tripods. Five teachers and the PCV will be conducting the clubs for the children. We will have to prepare ourselves before each club so we know how to train the kids. Students from 5th form to 11th form will be at the clubs. We want a diverse group of students so that the older kids can help the younger ones and develop their skills in teaching younger students. Three times a week after school the students will meet with the teachers and the PCV in the foreign language classroom in our school. Each club will have a different subject: photography, videography, and computer literacy. Our clubs will last 8 weeks and each week we will work on new skills in the field of photography, videography, and computer literacy. For this project we are asking for a video camera and a DSLR camera. These will be our main tools for the project. We are also asking for laptops which will be necessary for editing the photos and videos for the desired outcomes. We plan to have a newscast and a printed journal. We will use a television from the grant for broadcasting our newscast.

The community is the driving force behind this project by the way that they show that they are interested in progressing and adapting to a more technology based world. They are very far behind but they are ready to make some steps in order to catch up with the rest of the world. They are interested in knowing more about technology and how to gain certain skills in technological fields. The teachers will be working with the PCV on leading these clubs. At least one teacher will be working with the students on certain projects. The goal is to get a good routine that will not be difficult to continue after PCV leaves. The teachers will be playing a large role when it comes to the clubs. We will be working together for all of the activities and the teachers will be attaining knowledge about certain skills that will be necessary for running the clubs.

There are a few teachers who are also interested in such ideas.  PCV will work with them and also help them with their project ideas in regards to journalism. Every Monday there is an assembly where all of the students will meet and it will be a great time for the teachers to show off their work with the students. It will be a new way of sharing the weekly information. The community will continue this project after because there are a few teachers that are interested in continuing it. They will be responsible for paper and ink after the grant is closed. They have a room where they can lock up all of the equipment so it doesn't get stolen.  Each week we will have an overview meeting discussing the previous weeks successes and failures and we will prepare for the upcoming weeks activities. The school is ready to take responsibility for all of the equipment. There is a tech teacher who is willing to fix any of the computers if necessary and he is willing to be responsible for making sure the equipment is in a safe location when not in use. The school is ready to buy paper and ink after the project is closed. 5 teachers will be working with the kids. The teachers want to continue the newscasts and newspapers after the project is over. They believe it is important to get the kids interested in after school activities and journalism is a great way to do this because it is interesting and kids love making videos, taking pictures and telling stories.

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