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This project is led by Robin Colombin, a Volunteer from Colorado

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Savings group meeting photo.
The savings group meets once a week to do their activities.

This project aims to construct a building that will serve as a community business development services center. Currently the groups, which amount to approximately 450 people, meet every Wednesday morning in a field to conduct their savings group activities. Since there is no formal building structure, when the rainy season comes, these groups of people are forced to conduct their business in the rain or crammed under a small shelter prone to flooding. There is also a persistent problem finding shade for everyone. The groups also offer this space, including the tables and benches, for community use. This outdoor area serves as a community meeting place where the mosquito net distribution, trainings, community meetings, etc. are conducted. This project seeks to create a community business development services center that facilitates community meetings, particularly for the savings group members to encourage continual growth of the savings group structure and other community economic development.

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