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This project is led by Sara Crawford, a Volunteer from Oregon

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Our community needs computers for the already built ICT lab building. They understand the importance of computer literacy and education for their children. Currently, the community has the space for the lab but do not have the resources to purchase computers. The school teaches an ICT class without computers - which is difficult and does not help the students comprehend the functions of a computer. Many students might not see a computer until Senior High School(SHS) if this project is not implemented. The community knows that with an ICT lab, their children will be able to learn more skills and become more aware of the world around them. Computers can connect the students to the knowledge they need to better their education. They also know that having an ICT lab requires future electrical payments and repairs - and are willing to take on those through the school. The community will also contribute by building the tables and chairs for the computers. These computers will only positively impact the students and members of the community by opening up a pathway to the outside world.

While working with the community they came to the PCV to say they could provide the tables, chairs, and transportation of the computers. They understand the responsibilities of maintaining the computers and the building.  The community is properly fitting the Lab building so there are no weak areas for vandals. They also will assign a trustworthy student to watch the computers anytime the doors are unlocked. They have decided on using a local carpenter and local wood to build the furniture. The community has had three meetings to decide how to build the furniture, how to pick up the computers, and when they will fix the windows and doors. 

The community understands the importance of maintaining the computers and has access to ICT experts for maintenance.  The computers should last for 7 years and the community plans to have the computers repaired or replaced when they become spoiled.  Once the computers are installed and ready for use, the ICT experts will train three people in the community on basic handling, repair, and maintenance of the computers. The ideal end result will be that the computer lab will be ran and maintained by residents. All these will help ensure sustainability of the project. 

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