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This project is led by Aprille Hibbard, a Volunteer from Michigan

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The main goal of this project is to promote a healthy lifestyle for women and girls. Female participation in physical education is decreased during the cold months (October – April) due to a lack of insolation and heat. These include students at the school, women in the community and female athletes from the Şoldaneşti district. Our main objectives are to 1. Promote participation of women in physical activity 2. Improve conditions in the gymnasium, and 3. Increase 50% participation female athletes from the district of Șoldanești in sports activities. Our project activities include, but are not limited to; 1. A summer camp held in August that will focus on physical activity and cover topics related to leadership, gender equality, team building, etc. 2. A seminar for the female students and their mothers on "The importance of female participation in sports", 3. A district-wide sports competition for the female volleyball teams, 4. Renovations to the school gymnasium, and 5. Renovations to the gymnasium changing rooms to increase female security and safety. The community is contributing approximately 60% of the total project budget. The mayors office and culture house are also participating in some of the project activities, as well as the gymnasium and changing room reparations. This project will potentially impact not only women of the community, but the men as well. A better, year round, functioning gymnasium will increase physical fitness in the students and also within the community.

The community is a large driving force behind this project. We have community sports teams for men and women, both of whom use the school gymnasium for practices and competitions. Our gymnasium is also one of the largest and well-lit gymnasiums in our district. Student female athletes compete using our school gymnasium. The gymnasium is a preferred practice and competition space in the warmer months because of the size and space allotted. However, it is the least preferred in the cold months because of the lack of heat. The community wishes to make the school gymnasium the preferred athletic event space in our district year round. The community will be involved through the trainings, the summer camp, the sports competitions, and through focus groups. The culture house and mayors office will be responsible for recruiting women volleyball teams from the community and district to hold a volleyball competition. The mothers in the community, with their daughters will participate in a mother-daughter training on the importance of female participation in sports. These training will be conducted by the local teen youth clinic, which will in return promote local youth to volunteer and go to this clinic. The mothers that participate will spread the word to other community members. Lastly, the female student volleyball competitions will hold a huge community involvement. Not only will community members participate in these competitions, but they will also be spectators. We will also extend community participation to the entire district of Șoldanești.

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