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This project is led by Samantha Kunz, a Volunteer from California

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In the interest of creating sustainable, local programs with local partners, the Peace Corps Gender and Development Committee will hold a 2-day Income-Generating Activity training of trainers program for 7 Guinean participants, each accompanied by the Peace Corps Volunteer from their community. Through small, focused group sessions created and led by local partners, participants will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to sustainably implement an income-generating product appropriate for their local market as well as ensure proper financial and business management. This training will include skills training for various product creation appropriate to the regions available resource and product demand including; moringa and coconut transformation, soap making, and food transformation/preservation techniques such as solar drying. This technical skills section will be developed and led by a representative member of the Soap Making Groupement and an individual from the local region that specializes in coconut transformation. The second component of the training will focus on entrepreneurial skills and cover topics such as business management, record-keeping, and establishing a groupement. This portion of the training will be developed and led by the local organization that has demonstrated great success in the utilization of these entrepreneurial skills. Through the creation of 6-month business action plans tailored to the needs and resources of the participants and their community, participants of the training will be well equipped to develop and manage an income-generating product in their community.

Each of the 7 communities selected to participate in the training will be responsible for sending one female representative who exemplifies entrepreneurial drive and community leadership. These participants will each be sacrificing 4 days (including travel days) to participate in this beneficial training. In addition, there will be 3 volunteer partners from local organizations that will be donating their time and expertise to act as the trainers for this event. They will develop and present the various topics of this training program. These volunteer partners will be selected from successful local groupements to provide the training on product creation and to cover the topics of business and management skills. Participants will create a business action plan for the implementation of an income-generating activity they can utilize in their community at the conclusion of the training. Aided by the volunteer partners, participants will be responsible for the design and execution of their community program. This will allow each action plan and project to be tailored to the individual participant’s communities and reflect the needs and resources available in each community to ensure the project is sustainable at each site.

The activities and benefits of the training program will be sustainable within each participant’s community due to the development of tailored action plans developed by participants with the support and assistance of the partners organizations. They are designed to reflect the needs of, and resources available in each participant’s community. They will be equipped with the tools to share the knowledge and the skills gained from this training with members of their communities so that the program has a far-reaching and sustainable effect throughout communities in the two local regions. In order to properly monitor the success of the sustainability of the benefits of this training a long term follow up plan will be implemented by the GAD committee and incorporated into the participants' 6-month action plan. This will include a survey style report 3 months following the training as well as a follow up by the PCV 6 months following the training.

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