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This project is led by Rachel Stevenson, a Volunteer from California

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In the interest of expanding economic opportunities for women, the Peace Corps Guinea Gender and Development Committee will hold a 2-day Income-Generating Activity in collaboration with two local organizations. This training will empower the 9 female Guinean participants with the knowledge of product creation for 4 potential income-generating activities as well as the entrepreneurial skills needed to demonstrate economic success and management with this new product. Our first partner is a local groupement which specializes in the creation of income-generating products utilizing moringa. Their representative will equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to create a variety of products from this crop including; powder, dried leaves, juice, and soap. The skills covered will include; moringa planting, harvesting and transformation, soap making and solar drying. We have chosen this groupment because it has already demonstrated economic success in creating, marketing and selling these products. Not only is this success of the groupement an important component but they create products that are appropriate to the region's local products and demand.

The second component of the training will be developed by a local microfinancing organization, and will focus on entrepreneurial skills using their EVV (Entretien Votre Vie) module that covers topics such as community involvement, action planning, basic accounting skills, and marketing. More specifically this component of the training focused on entrepreneurial skills will cover topics such as business management, record keeping, marketing, and financial literacy. We have chosen this partner because it is a local NGO that specializes in working with illiterate women on entrepreneurial skills and knowledge and has successfully mentored groupements. This IGA training will utilize small focused, group sessions in order to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to sustainably implement an income-generating product that is appropriate for their local market as well as develop a greater understanding of important entrepreneurial skills to enable economic success and development. With the assistance of the representative, participants will also be guided through the process of developing a six-month business action plan that will be tailored to the needs and resources of each participant and their community. Through the combination of training on product creation, important business skills, and the creation of individual action plans, participants of the training will be well equipped to develop and manage an income-generative product in their community and share these skills with other groupements and female entrepreneurs in their community.

Each community participating in the training will be responsible, with the assistance of the Peace Corps Volunteer within that community, to select one female representative who exemplifies entrepreneurial drive and community leadership. These participants will each be sacrificing 4 days of their time (including travel days) to participate in this beneficial training. These representatives of the two groupements will be developing and presenting the curriculum for this IGA training program in the local language, to ensure that women who do not have French literacy skills are able to benefit fully from the information presented during the training. At the conclusion of the training, participants will be guided through the creation of a business action plan for the implementation of an income-generating activity they can utilize in their community. Aided by the local presenters, female participants will be responsible for the design and execution of their community program. This will allow each action plan and project to be tailored to the individual participant's communities and reflect the needs and resources available in each community to ensure the project is sustainable at each site. The action plans will also be designed to include community outreach by the female participant alongside the communities Peace Corps Volunteer, in which the information and skill-sets learned during the training will be shared with a community groupement and other entrepreneurial women in the community to further support the economic development and empowerment of women working within these communities.

After the 2-day training has completed, each female and their participant will return to their community with a business action plan in hand, tailored to their communities needs and resources. This action plan will not only include a plan in order to successfully implement and manage their own income-generating product, but will also include a plan to share and distribute the information on moringa product creation and entrepreneurial skills with groupements and female entrepreneurs in their community through training sessions and sensibilizations. Participants were hand selected by the Gender and Development committee with the primary criteria being that there is an already functioning groupement within the community with which the female participants would be able to distribute the information, or if there was significant interest in the community to establish a groupement. Designing the action plans to include the distribution of the skills and knowledge learned will allow this training program to have a far reaching and sustainable impact throughout the communities in the region. To ensure proper monitoring and evaluation of the success of this program and its sustainable impact, the Peace Corps Guinea Gender and Development Committee has developed a long term M&E plan that will include a follow up with female participants and PCVs in their communities 3 months following the training and again at 6 months following the training.

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