Inclusive Education for Young Children with Disabilities

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This project is led by Sebastian Pique, a Volunteer from Ohio

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Children sitting at the table listening to directions.
Sebastian and his counterparts help to improve the care of young girls and boys with disabilities.

This project “Inclusive Education for Young Children with Disabilities” is to improve the care of young girls and boys with disabilities and give them all an equal chance to be able to attend kindergartens and be a part of an inclusive environment with other children. During the needs assessment phase, the project team conducted a survey and found out that about 520 of children under the age of 16 in Bayan have disabilities and most parents that have children with disabilities cannot work because they must stay home and care for their children. If their children were able to attend the kindergartens, there is a higher likelihood of parents working and improving Bayan's economy. Overall, this project will provide protection, promote inclusiveness for boys and girls with disabilities, to spark improvement in children’s lives and the effected families. As stated, the overall mission is for children to be given equal opportunities and to be able to attend kindergartens. This cannot be done without a change in social stigma which will start by educating kindergarten teachers. By training the teachers and preparing them to work with children that have disabilities. The training seminar delivered by the trainers from the University will be a 5-daylong intensive course. The training sessions will cover a broad range of valuable topics including: Inclusive education and curriculum in the classroom, psychical disability, emotional disability, behavioral disability, intellectual disability, visual and hearing impairments, and advocacy of children with disabilities. These will all be taught with specific strategies ensuring information is delivered and shared in a way of advocacy for children with disabilities. An additional special committee will be organized with, 4-5 trained and briefed professionals who are dedicated to improving the quality of care children with disabilities receive. This committee will then prepare educational resources over the next 6 months and share the seminar trainer’s books with the other kindergartens in the countryside villages of Bayan.

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