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This project is led by Adam Donald, a Volunteer from California

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A copy of a text book.
Adam and his counterparts work to improve the effectivesness of teachers.
The goal of this project is to obtain resources and provide training for the elementary school in Vava'u that will help the teachers become more efficient and more effective. In order to do this, we plan to conduct trainings about teaching English, as well as trainings about using resources to create a more fluid and efficient learning environment. (This will allow teachers to teach more and create more learning experiences within a shorter period of time) Along with these trainings, we plan to raise money in order to provide resources that would help streamline these trainings, as well as help teachers become more efficient. Resources would include: (1) chart paper and miscellaneous school supplies for use as a visual during teaching; (2) a photocopier/printer that would allow teachers to provide their students with access to tangible learning materials much more easily, as well as access resources on the computer more easily. There are several activities that will be taking place for this project. First, we will scout out local prices for printer/photocopiers and find one that is priced fairly and will fit our needs. Secondly, we would start trainings, including training on how to most effectively use the resources that would be acquired soon. Lastly, we will acquire the printer/photocopier for use in the school and begin using the resources we would have access to at that point. Overall the impact this project will have can be huge. It can drastically increase the amount of resources teachers will be able to use. They won't have to hand write worksheets anymore, they will have access to a large amount.

This grant will help the girls in our village receive a higher quality education. They will receive better resources through the teachers' ability to use the printer and access the books, worksheets and projects stored on the computer. Instead of wasting time handwriting every exercise before completing it, they can receive photocopies that allow them to work faster and cover more topics in a day. The use of this printer/photocopier will allow the girls in my community to have more learning opportunities.

The community, in the form of the PTA, principal and teachers, were the ones who have been pushing for this project all along.  The idea of implementing a program of trainings and getting more resources for the school came from the first PTA meeting I attended with the principal and the teachers.  They were all about improving the school in any way they could, and the ideas we kept coming back too we're: more training, more resources.  The PTA has also pledged to commit money towards accomplishing this goal, they have money left over from fundraisers in the past that they are willing to put towards this project like toner and all costs related to upkeep of the machine.  There are about 20 boxes of A4 ream paper currently in the school. (See in pictures).  By our estimate this should last us through the school year and well into the next.  A4 paper is also something the PTA has historically paid for in the past.The projects will be almost entirely run by the PTA and members of the community.

The knowledge gained at the trainings will be used in the classrooms when appropriate. When new teachers come to the school, the ones that received the training will share their knowledge with new teachers, so that the good teaching practices and lesson design ideas continue.  The printer that has been priced has a long lifespan, and will be taken care of by the school.  The only people who will have access to it are the principal and the teachers, so as to assure that it is only used for the production of materials related to the running of the school.  this will also increase the longevity of the machine since the only people using it will be well versed in its use.  On top of that, the store that quoted the printer for us, O and E, offered to send one of their employees with us to help install it and give a mini workshop on how to maintain it.  This will help keep the people who use the printer/copier knowledgeable in how to fix and maintain it..  The resources on the computer will also be printed off and filed in a way that they are easily accessed according to the lesson being taught. (Phonics, reading comprehension, grammar etc.)  Teachers will be shown how to maintain this system to allow for it to continue as long as it is needed.  The PTA also has an income of which they are willing to use should the printer/copier need upkeep.

The PTA has committed to providing the funding for the replacement of toner cartridges when necessary. They have also put aside money to use in case there is something that breaks and the school needs to send the machine to the shop to be fixed.

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