Hydration and Handwashing for Health

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This project is led by Idorico Sebastiao, a Volunteer from Georgia

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The two goals of this project are to bring potable water to the school in my community and do lessons on the importance of potable water, hydration, and hygiene. A third goal is to develop soft skills and leadership abilities in students who are members of the health club. The health club is made up of 12 girls in the sixth and seventh grades, and they will conducting lessons about handwashing, hydration, and hygiene, and they will also be organizing several school-wide activities. We will be doing this by installing a water filtration system and redoing the handwashing area outside of the cafeteria. The first objective is that by May 2020, 95% of all elementary school students will learn about the importance of potable water, hydration, and hygiene. Members of the health club at the school and students in IX-A and IX-B will be facilitating lessons, games, and activities related to health to teach and engage younger students. The second objective is that by May 2020, 50% of all students will increase their water consumption to the recommended 2 liters of water a day. Currently, 26.36% of all students surveyed are drinking enough water. One of the issues is that out of all the students who were surveyed, 76,53% do not drink water at the school. After a chemical analysis of the water, it failed WHO standards for potable water in 6 of 13 categories, including ammonia, chlorine, selenium, and arsenic. Besides consumption, the water will also be used for handwashing, and the water filtration system will pump clean water to all sinks at the school. The community has taken an interest in this project, and people at the school are actively planning every step of this process.

The community is passionate about the issue and committed to leading this project to fruition. The need for this project was identified by students, teachers, and the administration. These three groups will be working with the planning committee on all aspects of the project, such as collecting funds, installation, and transporting materials that will be bought.To ensure sustainability, the school administration will add buying replacement filters to the school's annual budget. The community will contribute to the funding needed to implement this project. Following the installation of the filtration system and the renovation of the handwashing station, the administration and cleaning staff will routinely clean the sinks.

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