Hostel Toilet Renovations

  • Water & Sanitation
  • Namibia
This project is led by Aidan Holmes, a Volunteer from Wisconsin

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The goal of this project is to renovate the toilet facilities in the hostel at our Primary School, which will support the sanitation and hygiene goals from the National Integrated School Health Programme. The current facilities are outdated, dysfunctional, or severely damaged such that many parts are unusable by the learners living at the school. As noted in the manual for Integrated School Health, the effects of poor hygiene and sanitation can have negative effects on learner health, the physical environment of learners, and their education, noting that "poor sanitation affects academic performance as school time of learners is lost due to sanitation-related diseases." In conclusion, dilapidated ablution facilities not only has a negative impact on the student’s living environment but also their ability to learn in the classroom. We plan to renovate the facilities with assistance of the school staff, learners, and the surrounding community members to create a healthy living and learning environment for students and to uphold our school’s mission: “…to work hand in hand with the community for the success of the school to develop the talents of every pupil.”

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