High School Tuition Assistance

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This project is led by Elizabeth Mader, a Volunteer from Pennsylvania

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Our village has an education/health complex which includes the High School, primary school, and clinic. This Tuition Assistance grant will leverage the proximity of these three institutions by enabling high school student grant recipients to continue their education while also volunteering at the primary school (as tutors and mentors) and at the clinic, where they will learn basic peer educator skills and be empowered to share HIV/AIDs information with their fellow students. Regular journal writing will improve applicants' English and thus education in Lesotho's English-language high school system. The selection committee who nominated and decided on the tuition-assistance grant applicants consists of community leaders associated with the high school. The clinic and primary school also provided representatives who did not vote in the selection committee but provided information about volunteer opportunities for the grant recipients. The TAP recipients will be encouraged to grow beyond merely grant recipients, to include other students who are interested in volunteering and participation in community events, particularly in their interactions with primary school students and peers at the clinic's youth group, the TAP recipients will create a sustainable trend of community engagement.

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