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This project is led by Alyson Campbell, a Volunteer from Pennsylvania

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The Tuition Assistance Program at the local high school gives the unique opportunity for five hardworking students to have their school fees funded for the second semester of the 2019 school year. These grade 8 and 9 learners will not only be unburdened by the cost of their education, but will additionally receive mentoring from their volunteer. Together, we will work on various activities such as painting a world map on the school and other school or community projects that we are presented with. By funding these five students who are already paying for their uniforms, exercise books, and other miscellaneous school materials, the students will no longer be sent home for not paying school fees, allowing them to focus on learning and assignments. The five students have dreams of becoming engineers, nurses, soldiers and other valuable members of the local community. Allowing these smart, hard-working students to focus on their dreams instead of school fees will enable them to become the much needed members of society. Not only will this grant allow for growth in these five students, but the results of project activities and increased attention of their studies has the potential to influence behavior changes in other students as well as the culture of the school as a whole.

In order for the students to be selected, staff from the high school gathered to discuss who most deserved and was in need for this scholarship. The students selected are some of the top students in their respective classes and have an overall good work ethic. In conjunction with the volunteer, project activities were discussed for how these students can give back to the school and community, a mural in the school library was decided to be our first project.This enthusiasm from the local government will encourage the follow through and success of this project and ensure the students' success after the volunteer leaves. Although the tuition aspect of this project will end after the volunteer leaves, the lessons learned by the selected students will have a lasting impact. Just as the volunteer will mentor the students, so will their class teachers. This allows for a mentorship that has the potential to last for longer than the volunteer’s service. By funding school fees for the time being, it allows the students to focus on their school work while their family can save up to fund the rest of their education.

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