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This project is led by Lydia Jimenez, a Volunteer from New York

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Classroom photo of children.
Lydia is working with her counterparts to add an additional building to the campus of an off-the-grid rural high school.
This construction project will add an additional building to the campus of an off-the-grid rural high school in Madagascar. The building will accommodate a "grande salle" (large room) on the first floor, and three rooms on the second floor. The already existing library will be moved into one of these rooms, and the remaining two rooms will house the creation of language and media labs.

The current mayor and lycee proviseur (high school principal) approached the volunteer with concerns about large class sizes, presented the idea, and worked with an architect in the community to produce the design plan for the building.

The primary objectives of this projects are to facilitate the implementation of student-centered teaching practices, to integrate technology, media, and library resources into classroom instruction, and to promote critical thinking by training teachers to train students to analytically approach and evaluate media for truthfulness. The new building will free up classrooms on the current campus and in turn decrease class sizes from 70+ students per class to 35-40 students in order to foster student-centered teaching practices. The large room will promote parental and community involvement in the school, providing a space for meetings, sensitizations, and events. Finally, the creation of the language and media labs will integrate technology into education, providing opportunity for students to develop computer literacy skills that will mobilize them professionally.

Throughout the conception of this project, the PCV alongside counterparts will conduct trainings with teachers on the topics of library resource use, computer and media literacy, and student-centered teaching techniques. The community is contributing 50 tablets, desktop computers, a solar panel to run the technology, all furnishings, cost of labor, land, and time.
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