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This project is led by Madeline Mcgrath, a Volunteer from New York

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The Animal Shelter for Animals without a home is working to eliminate animal abuse and overpopulation in northern Moldova. We aim to take a multilevel approach to the issue by sheltering stray animals, providing free or reduced animal care, and educating the community. By expanding our shelter, we will give the community an option of surrendering their animals, by regulating adoptions we can ensure that animals are well cared for and sterilized, and by educating the community we can teach people the importance of helping and protecting animals. Though the shelter is newly officially established our organizers have worked for years in animal care and our shelter has been open to dogs since November of 2018. Since November we have worked completely on donations and volunteers. We have recently been given support from our local government but is not sufficient for the amount of animals. We estimate there are nearly 5000 stray dogs and 7000 stray cats. Funding would allow us to increase the size of the size of the shelter and prepare it for winter. Our current building does not have heating and the outside enclosures for the dogs have no siding or insulation. It is important to winterize the shelter so that we cannot only provide proper care for the animals, but we can also continue to perform sterilizations and care for the animals in a comfortable environment during the winters. This project would also include an educational campaign in schools and in the city center. Working with out staff members and volunteers we would create materials to teach about animal rights, safety and care. This will us be promotion for our shelter, allowing more people to know about our facility and all functions of our organization. Funding would also allow vulnerable families to participate in programs to sterilize and provide basic care for their pets. With funding we would open a program where we would allow ten families per month (for five months) to come to the shelter to access care for sterilizations and basic vaccinations. Spay and neutering is a very important aspect to controlling the animal population and limiting cruelty. Statistics estimate that a female cat can have 100 kittens in her lifetime and a female dog can have 70. This shows that the act of sterilizing just one animal can have a drastic impact.

The community has supported this project from the beginning. We have 20 ongoing volunteers that have provided assistance with collecting donations, animal care and educating the community. We worked for nearly a year using only donations from the community so it is clear that the community supports this project. As evident on discussions on our Facebook group, the people of the local community want animals properly cared for. They are ashamed of how animals are treated and they do not want a similar result here in our city. This is why the city chose not to implement a killing campaign even though it was more simple and cheaper. People want the animal problem controlled and they want it done humanely. By providing the needs requested we will be able to work throughout the winter season and years beyond. By expanding our outreach in the community we will find new support to assist us with volunteering, collecting donations and educated the community. Though our staff members have experience in the area of development work, they have limited experience in project planning and outreach. This project will give staff members an opportunity to utilize these skills which are important for the long term health of the organization.

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