Heating School with Solar Energy

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This project is led by Alex Welna, a Volunteer from Maryland

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Students in class with their coats on trying to stay warm.
Alex works with counterparts to heat the school with solar energy.

Armenia’s public schools, especially in the coldest and poorest regions, face a daunting task in adequately heating their classrooms. The amount provided by the state often does not suffice, often due to poor school infrastructure. In our project, we envision an energy self-sufficient school whose financial and practical demands during the difficult winter season are met by their own assets. 

Armenia is revered by its people for being a sun-kissed land, and one of its greatest assets is the intense and direct sunlight that most of the country receives throughout the year. This asset can be of additional importance to a country dependent on foreign sources for energy.

Installing solar panels on the roof of our school will nearly double the available kilowatt hours of energy available to the school, which will be used to heat classrooms, halls, and resource rooms throughout the school day and for after-school activities using the school’s proprietary electric heaters. Our program will include informational seminars conducted by professionals in the solar power industry, and will involve educational projects and after-school activities for students to explore the topic of sustainability. 

The project will also serve as an example and inspiration to the students, community members, and surrounding communities of the advantages and virtues of investing in a clean, self-sustaining energy source for the next generation.

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