Health Hut Revitalization

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This project is led by Elena Bischak, a Volunteer from Virginia

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This project seeks to revitalize the health structure in a small rural village in Senegal. The previous health hut was destroyed in 2014, and since then there has been no structure. The objective is to provide safe, close health access to a community of nearly 700. Additionally, we seek to sustain a functional health committee through capacity building, and to have a physical structure where health talks and activities can continue to take place.

The community has expressed interest in a health hut since the beginning of my service. The Health Post and District Health Center are difficult and expensive to access, particularly during the rainy season, and often overcrowded, with hours-long wait times and no guarantee of service. A health hut in the village would increase accessibility to care for expectant mothers, and for preventative care issues such as pneumonia and skin infections. The community's enthusiasm for the project will be expressed through their various levels of participation. The health committee will be revitalized and participate in capacity building, through a five day training. 

The community will also provide various materials, labor, and money to aid in the construction process, as well as provide money for the training. All health committee workers will be trained on best practices for maintaining the health hut. We will buy materials needed for the health hut, and reconstruct the main structure, enclosure, and paint.

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