Community Health Center Solar Project

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  • Community Growth
  • Sierra Leone
This project is led by Tomanik'e Banks, a Volunteer from California

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The objective of this project is to install solar panels at the health center. This project will increase the quality of care available at the clinic by providing light to the staff and patients. The community is excited and optimistic about the possibility of implementing this project because it will greatly benefit the entire village. They plan on contributing through providing materials, labor and meals. If successful. the project will have many positive impacts on the community. Currently in order to aid patients after sunset, the clinic staff uses the flashlights from their phones to provide light. The community will continue to seek medical attention and at greater rates than before knowing that they will be receiving adequate health care. The community has recognized the importance of solar for the health center. The community health officer (CHO) at the clinic has had several meetings with the stakeholders regarding further developing the clinic. The residents have deemed light as the most pressing task for the community health center. Previously the CHO and stakeholders pursued different avenues to obtain light in the clinic, including reaching out to several NGO’s. Unfortunately, none of the previous attempts for solar lights at the clinic have worked. Residents of the area have successfully installed solar to their own homes and therefore will be able to successfully install and upkeep solar at the clinic. This project is sustainable because the community will be responsible for the installation and upkeep. There are various electricians in the community as well as people who work for solar companies. Because the stakeholders are involved with this project, they will be able to appoint community members for repairs and general maintenance. All sections of the village have taken equal ownership of the project. Therefore any repairs requiring financial resources, will be divided equally among the stakeholders and their sections. Currently, there is one solar panel in the clinic that powers the freezer used for vaccinations. The clinic has had the panel for quite sometime now and ensures its upkeep. This is evidence of the clinic's as well as the community's ability to sustain this project.

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