Health Center Maternity Project

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This project is led by Andrea Ward, a Volunteer from Virginia

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Constructing a new maternity will improve the quality and accessibility of maternal, neonatal, and child health. This project will also include an educational aspect including the training of community health workers to relay health messages that cater to pregnant women and mothers and the subsequent training of community members. The current health center's amenities are insufficient because the labor room only hold two beds which limits the number of pregnant women that can be cared for at once. In addition, aftercare for the new mothers and newborns is housed in the same room as the sick patients observation area. This environment raises the risk of illness among newborns. A new maternity will solve these issues and motivate women who give birth at home to do so at the health center. During and following construction community health workers will be tasked with traveling to the smaller outside communities to encourage women to adopt healthier practices such as attending prenatal consultations, giving birth at the health center, and bringing their children to be vaccinated in a timely fashion. Since health presentations and growth monitoring for children under 5 often occurs during these events, a higher population of women who come to the health center will also mean that more women are reached by these services.
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