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This project is led by Kathleen Kirelik, a Volunteer from Colorado

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Growing Girls Technology is a project that is centered around the goals of increasing the availability of technology within foreign language classrooms and utilizing these resources to expand the skills and knowledge of girls. This project has two major components. First, this project strives to create girls clubs that will train local girls to improve and develop skills in leadership, public speaking, team building, and self esteem through the use of modern technologies. To achieve this goal the following objectives were developed. 1) Girls clubs will meet at least once a week within the school year with student leaders helping to guide topics and activities which use technology in at least one way. 2) Girls participation within clubs and extracurricular activities will increase by at least 25%. The second component of this project is to improve efficiency and communication skills in foreign language through the integration of technology within the classroom. To achieve this goal the following objectives were developed: 1) Foreign language teachers will be trained on online resources and tools and incorporate at least 5 new strategies using technology into the classroom. 2) Foreign language teachers will develop new activities and class assignments that require students to use technology to share information through PowerPoint, videos, audio clips, etc.

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