Grand Cape Teacher Training

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This project is led by Madison Collins, a Volunteer from New York

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This project will serve as a multiple two-day workshop to train the administrators of the schools in the three educational districts in Grand Cape Mount County. The training will inform participants in gender equitable teaching practices and positive discipline. The 99 schools in these districts will be invited, with an administrator asked to attend. The administrators will learn about creating encouraging learning environments and how they can use intentional and positive classroom practices to increase student success and attendance. The communities will observe an increase in student's attitude towards education through increased attendance to school. Due to all schools in the districts being represented, there will be a unity and consistency in the teaching practices in the districts after the workshop. The communities will notice the consistency in schools within the districts and this will provide easier transitions for the students that change schools. Each community will provide the space for the workshop at local government schools where the Peace Corps Volunteers teach. Additionally, the administrators in attendance will be contributing their time with a per diem provided by the community.

To implement this project, there will be involvement by the District Education Officers alongside the Peace Corps Volunteers and County Education Officer. To facilitate this relationship a meeting has been held with all the above mentioned participants to gather support and information for each district. Including the previously mentioned participants; the PTA chairmen of the districts and other county education board members will be involved in encouraging teachers' participation and supporting the project. This involvement will allow the participants of the workshop to hear directly from the Ministry of Education representatives about new ideas the Ministry is implementing. Their joint support and participation will also allow the project to continue in years to come. After the first training was held, the teachers and administrators present, along with the DEO asked for another more in depth training to be held at the start of the upcoming school year, as well as more workshops to be held around the county.

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