GLOW/BRO in Rural Manabi

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This project is led by Alana Lopez, a Volunteer from Washington

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Students standing outside for a group photo.
Alana facilitates a GLOW/BRO Camp supporting the growth and empowerment of 60 young women and men.

The primary goal of GLOW and BRO is to facilitate growth and empowerment of 60 young women and men ages 13-18 in rural Manabi, Ecuador. This project involves a 6 day camp in Manabi, where participants will participate from 8am-3pm daily in activities focused in four themes; sexual education, gender, drug and alcohol prevention, and leadership. Local leaders from the communities are involved in the planning of the camp and will co-facilitate the camp alongside Peace Corps Volunteers. 

 Through these four topics, participants will be encouraged to be change agents in their high schools and communities. Girls and boys will be separated for the first four days of the camp to allow more focused teaching. The last two days boys and girls will come together to reflect on important themes and work together to solve problems in their communities. Throughout the camp, participants will become more aware of the rights of women and the impact of gender roles in their communities and Ecuador. They will reflect on representations of women in society, how this affects their daily life, and examine their own roles in reinforcing gender stereotypes. They will explore self-esteem, body image, communication, and decision making practices to boost self-confidence. They will set goals and define skills they have that could drive their career. Additionally, they will gain vital knowledge of their own sexual and reproductive health. By the end of the camp, participants will have strengthened leadership skills needed to positively impact their communities and to continue GLOW/BRO programs alongside their Ecuadorean counterparts.

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