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This project is led by Alina Prusko, a Volunteer from Michigan

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The primary goal of the GLOW/BRO camp is to facilitate growth and empowerment of 70 adolescents (35 girls and 35 boys) ages 13-18. The camp will be a day camp and take place in the local Centro de Atencion Municipal Integral (CAMI). This is a community space used for youth club and camps. Boys and girls will attend most sessions separately, with a few conjoined sessions. Participants will be selected through an application process, promotion will be done in the local schools as well as in the health center. Peace Corps Volunteers and Ecuadorean counterparts, together, will lead and a 5-day camp with activities focused in four themes; sexual education, gender, self-esteem, and leadership. Through these four topics, the participants will be encouraged to be change agents in their high schools and communities. They will become more aware of the rights of women and the impact of gender roles in their communities and Ecuador. We will reflect on the representation of women in society and how this affects their daily life. They will explore self-esteem, body image, communication, and decision-making practices to boost self-confidence and leadership. They will set goals and define skills they have that could drive their career. And, furthermore, they will break down myths and norms of society that give way to healthier relationships. Ecuadorian counterparts from the nearby communities who are leaders in their community are involved in the planning of the camp and will co-facilitate the camp alongside Peace Corps Volunteers. The adolescents who attend the camp will be more informed about their own sexual and reproductive health and rights, gender stereotypes, and gender in their communities. More importantly, they will know strategies, tools, and people they can rely on and use to create change. They will have strengthened leadership skills and self-confidence to positively impact their communities and to continue GLOW programs alongside their Ecuadorean counterparts.

The primary Ecuadorian counterparts of this project will be the coworkers, doctors, nurses and obstetric doctors of the Peace Corps volunteer. Workers from the local health centers will help lead sessions and plan for the camp. The workers of the health centers are dedicated to reducing the high rate of adolescent pregnancy and gender-based violence seen in the community. They have shown great involvement in the two separate 8-week GLOW clubs that have been implemented by the volunteer in 2019. These clubs were very successful and well-received among high school students. The counterparts involved will help make this project sustainable in the community and assure that participants have strong role models in the community.

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