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This project is led by Stephanie Garicia, a Volunteer from California

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The primary purpose of our camp is to create future leaders that will change toxic gender dynamics that are seen here in Ecuador and around the world. In depth field research competed by volunteers as well as gender violence statistics in Ecuador have both revealed a need for change. Peace Corps volunteers and Ecuadorean counterparts will come together to lead a four-day camp for 70 campers (ages 10-18) in the region. Topics will include leadership, gender and sexual health. The camp will be a continuation of a 10 session club series in which campers will attend clubs in their own communities in order to build exposure and a knowledge base of these new topics. Clubs will be led by the same volunteers and counterparts who will organize the camp. With this information, these youth will be encouraged to be change agents in their schools and communities. We aspire to build a community of young leaders who will have increased self-esteem, understanding of their own bodies and relationships and the vocabulary/critical thinking skills to discuss these important and delicate topics in an intelligent manner. Combining both GLOW and BRO will hopefully result in increased understanding of gender roles in real time and leave participants with new allies in the communities to combat gender inequality from all angles. To ensure sustainability, this project will also include training for Ecuadorian counterparts so that future GLOW BRO activities may occur independent of Peace Corps.

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