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This project is led by Cameron Beach, a Volunteer from South Carolina

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Nearby schools are spread out causing many students to travel far distances to attend our school. Some students stay with relatives and friends in order to attend school. This causes many students to be hungry and exhausted at school after traveling so far from home. It also makes it more difficult for many students to travel to school during the rainy season. This issues and many others, effect the learning of many girls at our school. Historically, our school has higher dropout rates for girls compared to their boy peers, as well as lower pass rates for girl students. With the completion of the girls hostel, we are aiming to mitigate many of these issues, while also improving test scores and the retention rate by having a safe and secure place for students to stay on the school campus. The goal of this project is to decrease absences, decrease drop-out rates, and improve the test scores for young girls.

The project for this grant is to complete a girls hostel located on our school campus. Over 100,000 bricks have already been molded by community members, with another 100,000 still to be molded. The plot of land for the structure has also been purchased by the community and the community will be contributing 200 tons of sand. Our school has hired local experienced builders and carpenters with ties to the school maximize sustainability and to minimize the cost. Once the construction of the building has finished we have plans for a guard wall, windows, doors, and locks to ensure the safety of the students. This hostel will make a very important difference in the lives of our students.

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