Girls' Hostel Households

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  • Malawi
This project is led by Rachel Walls

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When finished, this hostel will enable girls from distant villages to live closer to their secondary school.
This project will provide double decker bed frames, mattresses, bed nets, and security locks for a new girls’ hostel located next to the convent. The hostel is in the final phase of construction and is scheduled to be completed by the end of February. It has been funded by the Theresian sisters of the community hospital and also in part by an NGO. A contractor was hired and local community members as well were hired to construct the hostel. Materials such as bricks and sand were locally sourced. This project will further support the initiative implemented by the sisters to provide a safe environment for female students to attend secondary school. This hostel will support approximately 40 girls who come from distant villages to attend the local secondary school. It will have a major impact in my community because right now there is no other existing hostel and there are few available houses with rooms to rent. For this reason, many girls are forced to rent small rooms located off campus. This is not ideal because the girls are not supervised and are often lured by men on motorbikes while on their daily commute to school. Our girls need a safe place to stay on campus where they can spend more time studying rather than travelling to and from school each day.
Funding Complete
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