Girls Empowerment Program and Excursion

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This project is led by Jasmine Miller, a Volunteer from New Jersey

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Our girls’ club provides a safe environment for girls to learn about themselves, build self-confidence, and gain leadership skills that will allow them to excel in the classroom and become leaders in their communities. The objective of this project is to improve our girls’ club by introducing presentations, films, documentaries and slide shows that will empower our girls to think big. The girls club was formed years ago by the school before the Peace Corps Volunteer came to the school. Meetings are once a week and all the girls in the school participate. Some activities that are covered are sexual health, planning for the future, the importance of coming to school and staying in school etc. Although the girls club is going well, there is a lot more that can be done to make a greater impact. The grant request will fund the purchase of a computer, a projector, a printer, and other relevant accessories. Students in the school are not familiar with technology and cannot envision themselves in roles in the future where they will use technology such as a computer. Not only will the computer and projector familiarize them with technology, it will also make club's operations more meaningful. It will allow the club leaders and teachers in the school to have a more creative way to teach and make presentations, using audio-visuals. After a long day at school, girls struggle to stay on task or interested in girls club. The implementation of this project will help to resolve this issue by helping the students stay focused and by making learning more fun.

Additional activities include a university field trip, a career day and a black history month day. The Form 3 class consisting of 17 girls and 13 boys, will go on the University trip. The local Junior High School has agreed to host the career day and black history month day and continue to support the girls’ club. Peace Corps has developed a good relationship with the school through the Peace Corps volunteer who serves there and has a huge presence with her girls' club. The school will host the program and local teachers will help in planning the program. The school will also send teachers as chaperones to aid with the University field trip.

By empowering girls, we are empowering a community and a country. With increased self-efficiency, these young women will be able to open their minds to different opportunities in the future. Whether they choose a career, further their education, or choose to support their children to be the next generation of change makers, these girls will have the ability to make a difference in their communities. The girls will build self-confidence, and gain leadership skills that will allow them to excel in the classroom and become leaders in their communities.

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