Girls Clubs: Advocacy, Arts, Education, & resources to Vulnerable Young Women

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This project is led by Lisa Spencer, a Volunteer from North Carolina

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According to a 2014 UN report, Georgian female respondents receive the majority of services in education, human rights, and gender equality through NGOs. This project advocates for all of these services, specifically to vulnerable females through education, activities, documentation, and outreach. It will expand on two "Girls Clubs” that will give opportunities to gather, educate, and empower girls from the World Vision orphanage/ day center and greater community in such topics as: health, gardening, ecology, documentary, education, the arts, natural crafts, experiential learning, women's rights, and gender related topics. Weekly clubs will be held for two groups of girls, grouped by age and will also involve excursions to the theater, botanical gardens, and a local farm, as well as an overnight excursion to a nature site to experience the natural environment. We will have a celebration at the end of winter/ spring session to honor the individuality of each girl and the collective contribution and experience of each of the groups. In addition, topics of advocacy for women’s rights will be taught in the clubs and outreached to the outer community. Many NGOs and local groups will be working with the Girls Clubs and advocacy initiatives. These partnerships will strengthen the greater community in general and in terms of holding space for females to have a more empowered voice in Georgia.

The community will be involved in the design and planning of the project as it is through the community partners that courses are being designed, for example art projects with the local environmental group and sites are being offered for the Girls Clubs, for example the Botanical Gardens, the local yoga group, and the local Tea Plantation. This project will contribute to the process of developing and strengthening the knowledge and skills within the groups of girls participating in the Girls Clubs. The women's rights and education initiatives will empower current generations by providing opportunities to gather, converse, learn, and seek resources and change.

A crucial component of each of these women's initiatives is that it sustains after implementation as the community will continue to host the Girls Clubs and women’s rights advocacy. The seeds planted through empowering conversation, education, and strength will potentially spiral out into the peer groups of the girls and could be measured by each individual woman or girl's life that is affected by a workshop, class, resource, or knowledge. Also, the educational aspects plant seeds in the way we think of ourselves as women, what our value is, how our voice can be heard, and how progress can be made in our opportunities, rights, health, and happiness. We feel that the commitment from the youth, counterparts, community members and organizations will create an infrastructure to not only maintain the clubs and advocacy, but expand them to reach more young women and community members.

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