Girls Breaking Barriers in IT/STEM Through New Technologies

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This project is led by Amir Feinberg, a Volunteer from North Carolina

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At the beginning of the school year, students took part in a survey concerning community issues. The survey indicated that students, especially young women, felt they lacked the proper IT skills to be competitive in their careers. Following discussions with students, parents, teachers, and school administration, it was decided that our efforts should be directed to developing those necessary skills through the creation of a modern IT room. Through this project, we intend to encourage 71 girls and 65 boys (especially those from disadvantaged families) at school to improve and expand their abilities to utilize modern technology, which in turn will help promote employment options. Girls in rural areas are affected with a divide in educational pursuits and employment. Less than half of them have a university degree and only 4 out of 10 are employed. Due to existing prejudices and stereotypes in the community, women are less inclined to be involved in IT, even though it can bring enormous opportunities. Through this project, we want to set up a computer room with new technology that will be used to develop girls' IT skills and increase their interest in developing their future careers. Our plan is to implement a “GirlsgoIT” club that will introduce a new generation of intelligent young women to the possibility of IT. Through various activities (trainings, campaigns, round tables, etc.) in both the school and community, we hope to promote the digital literacy of the girls throughout the village. The overall goal of this project is to continue to support and encourage girls to prioritize career planning and career choices. We would like to enthusiastically involve students as active leaders in school and everyday life.

Institution administration / Local Public Administration / Parents' Association support the financial project, labor force and materials. The school administration strongly supports the objectives of this project, which is to ensure an appropriate and well-equipped learning environment for students by pledging its financial and in-kind contributions. The teachers are motivated to get involved in the design and planning of this project not just to improve their grant writing capacities and teaching methodologies and technical skills using modern technology but most importantly to ensure that students reach their educational competencies through more hands-on activities and experiments as necessary. The parents are motivated to support their children in acquiring technical skills including handling of scientific and digital equipment; providing them with a competitive edge to university admissions and potential employers in today’s digital age.

In preparation for this project, a group of Moldovan partners worked together closely with the PCV to write the grant completely in Romanian. While the PCV was present during the grant writing process, he acted as a guide rather than a writer. The project was then translated into English by the two English teachers at the school. In total, 7 Moldovan partners were a part of the grant writing process.

The administration of the school will keep and preserve the equipment for future use. The school will continue to provide funding for space and technology maintenance. Teachers will be able to utilize the new methods in their lessons to create more student-centered lessons. Students will be able to transfer their knowledge of multimedia and add skills for job opportunity if they want to pursue future careers and schooling. The technical staff (technician) will be responsible for the maintenance of the technique.

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