Gender and Youth Leadership Camp 2019

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This project is led by Cyrus Ebadat, a Volunteer from California

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The Gender and Youth Leadership Camp 2019 will be held from December 12th to December 14th, 2019. This project will serve about 60 Middle school-aged youth leaders from 4 different communities within the North-Eastern region of Thailand. The facilitators for the camp will consist of the youth leaders, respective counterparts and community leaders, and 6 PCVs. The purpose of the camp is to provide students with the knowledge, understanding, and skillsets in six areas: Leadership, Teamwork and Goal reaching, Responsibility, Confidence Building, Self-respect and Body Image, and Gender Equality. In addition, the students who are members of my local Youth Council will gain experience in responsibility and leadership by supporting the facilitation of activities throughout the camp.

The local Administration Office has a great interest in providing the youth in the community opportunities to develop life skills and understand their role as youth leaders in the community. Last year, two counterparts, five youth, and I attended a similar camp in order to work alongside students and counterparts from another province to observe and practice how a project like this should be executed. In addition, the youths in attendance were able to participate in activities that helped them learn about and develop many life skills like leadership, teamwork, and critical thinking. This year my counterpart and I had the opportunity to attend a training for this camp that discussed the planning and execution of the camp and how to keep it sustainable into the next year.

In addition, the youth members of the local Youth Council have weekly meetings where one of my counterparts and I are able to work with youth on identifying challenges and priorities of the youth in the community, planning activities to provide to the youth in the community, and develop their life skills through different lessons and activities. Leading up to the camp my counterparts will be coordinating the meals, lodging, transport, and the purchasing of the materials for the camp. My counterpart and I will be co-facilitating a training for the community leaders who will be helping at the camp in order to have a greater understanding of the activities. After the training, each of my counterparts and I will decide what activities we will use for the camp and discuss the plan of how each day will go. In addition, we have been working with the Youth Leaders to prepare them to be co-facilitators of the camp as an opportunity to feel more confident in being role models and leaders for the youth at the camp and in the future. Lastly, the students will be planning different fun activities which will be interspersed throughout the three days.

The Gender and Youth Leadership camp is designed in order to be sustainable and allow the counterparts and youth leaders to bring what they have learned back to their communities. On the last day of the camp there will be a seminar led by my youth leaders, counterparts, and myself on how this model was implemented in our community in order to provide evidence of a success. Also, all the representatives from each community will have time to plan a project towards a goal both the counterparts and youth leaders agree upon, and they will then implement these projects when they return to their

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