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This project is led by Clayton King, a Volunteer from Colorado

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Students using, and crowded around looking at a computer.
Clayton and his counterparts work to create a separate, safe, inclusive community space with modern technologies to hold clubs.
The Public Library has recently become a central technological hub for youth, averaging 26 youth visits per day from January to March. However, our computer room is currently used for all programming. This space is neither efficient nor sufficient for current and increasing demands, thus we are unable to effectively run clubs and activities without overcrowding, and multiple activities occuring at once. This project aims to create a separate, safe, inclusive community space with modern technologies to hold clubs, groups, and discussions that encourage gender equality and female empowerment. Within this space, we will promote female empowerment through leadership and educational activities. Project Activities include: Youth Debate Club; and a Service Learning Group, “Prietenii Bibliotecii”, focusing on youth leadership and volunteerism. 

This project has the potential impact to change the institutional culture of the library, creating an inclusive community with increased organizational capacities to understand and tackle community issues. Through continual implementation, facilitating with community-members and parents, we hope to empower girls while educating boys of gender discrimination and the importance to supporting female peers as well as each other. This will have a long-lasting effect of creating young female leaders for others to continue to learn from and look up to, while keeping youth off the street by giving girls and boys alike a safe place to grow. 

The community will contribute through dreaming and creation of the project, volunteers work, programing development, and in-kind donations including one couch, and fifteen durable chairs. The library will purchase new windows, the Primaria has pledged 20,000 MDL, and the Asociația Băştinaşilor will aid in fundraising. Community-members have been at the heart of activity-development, and will be co-facilitating activities.

Funding Complete
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