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This project is led by Yonathan Gebru, a Volunteer from Georgia

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The projects seeks to engage young girls in aerobic exercises, team sports, and yoga. As part of this exercise curriculum, the girls will learn to identify and adopt healthy behaviors and strategies to better safeguard themselves against negative health behaviors and outcomes. The young girls in the local community have the potential to learn about a myriad of topics relevant to the health of themselves, their family, and community members. The program will aim to rework exercise and healthy lifestyles in the daily activities girls by creating a gym facility. The project also imagines a space for girls and young women to engage in meaningful discussions about the potential of their lives and their communities. In facilitating these discussions, the project hopes to activate and mobilize adolescent women into adopting healthier and happier lifestyles. The desired outcomes of this project will be considered in short-term and intermediate- to long-term changes.

The For Her Program (FHP) works closely with local partners and administrators that have provided a multi-purpose room with basic furniture to assist with program implementation. The administration has made conscious commitments in allowing the necessary time allotments to carry out routine program activities. Moreover, the administration has pledged to allow the girls to utilize the potential gym in adherence to their regular schedules. So far, we've had two university students, a doctor, and a female software engineer from the community facilitate presentations on various program topics, from career development to breast-self exams. FHP community speakers are supported to take leadership and ownership in program implementation. We hope to continue engaging guest speakers for future sessions.

The potential gym facility will make exercise more available and accessible to the girls than ever before. The maintenance and integrity of the gym relies inherently on the administration, staff, and young girls to continue to exhibit the necessary leadership and perseverance to attest to the value of exercise. Before program end, the administration and PCV + counterparts, will establish a succession plan. The administration has vowed to allot time and space for the girls to engage with the gym facility in the current year -- we expect the administration will renew this vow for the following school year and so on. The proposed gym facility is an essential component of the For Her Program. The health education of the Program is in conjunction with the exercise and team sports that the gym facility will promote. In addition, the inherit desire among the girls to pursue exercise and team sports would indicate that the girls are committed into utilizing and maintaining the exercise equipment made available to them through this grant. Aside from this inherit desire, the girls will be tasked in creating a maintenance schedule wherein girls will rotate tasks and responsibilities to ensure that the gym remains in good condition. Continued utilization and maintenance will communicate to the girls that the sustainability of the gym relies heavily on their abilities to engage in ownership. The administration was critical in assessing cultural norms related to exercise. They believed that in order to establish a culture that promotes and ensures healthier lifestyles, exercise and team sports would need to be normalized. Their first recommendation was to integrate times and an a appropriate space wherein the girls could engage in such activities. This awareness and plan of action conveys commitment in advocating for healthier lifestyles. Therefore, the girls will be encouraged to routinely engage in meetings with the administration to create dialogue about appropriate projects they envision for future youth programming. The establishment of a Leadership Committee, comprised of elected girls, serves the purpose of empowering the girls to create programming that serves their areas of interest and passion. Furthermore, creating this Leadership Committee aims to develop accountability and transparency for both the girls and administration.

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