Student Learning Lab for First Aid and Leadership Training

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This project is led by Amber Dierks, a Volunteer from Missouri

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The main objective of our project is to empower our students to become confident community leaders through learning first-aid and resuscitation and having leadership training. These training sessions will be for students in our 10th and 11th form and will occur during the school day as a required subject for our students. The purpose of our project has several aspects. While our main focus is to conduct training and to teach invaluable life skills, we must first create a safe and inclusive environment to do so. We have an older classroom in our school that was donated for the purpose of our project, but it will need to be remodeled to fit our student’s needs. After the space is established, our school aims to continuously use this as a life-skills education room for our students. Through this grant we will hold first-aid and resuscitation training, leadership training through peer education and having a comfortable and relaxing space for our students to attend training and to do homework or other school activities when the room is not being used for training. These training sessions will help to empower our students to become strong and confident leaders that will actively contribute to work at our school and in our community. The first-aid and resuscitation training will provide our students with the knowledge and skills to intervene in an emergency medical situation and will likely end up saving lives in our community. After the students in the 10th and 11th form receive the training they will conduct twice monthly "healthy lifestyle" clubs for students in 8th-9th form.

In March of 2019 a committee of four female Ukrainian teachers and one American Peace Corps Volunteer formed in order to determine innovative and useful training and technology for our students. After doing a needs assessment and surveying 146 students and 18 parents through a google form designed by the teachers from our school the results showed that our students are highly interested in developing an interactive learning lab that will create a safe and welcoming environment for first-aid and CPR training and for leadership training, along with a space that can be used by students for homework, after school activities, an educational lab and other purposes that will lead to the development of our students. Out of the options in our survey the number one choice by students was to provide emergency medical training. Our school currently has an old classroom and we have approval from our Head Master to designate this as a space for our new learning lab. This project was completely initiated by staff at school and they are working to fund raise in the community as this project is of the upmost importance to them. In addition to teacher support, we have consulted with a medical professional on what equipment will be needed for our training such as a mannequin for resuscitation training and wound imitators for first-aid education.

This project will increase training capacity for the local school. Our school officials have decided to have these training sessions annually once they receive the necessary equipment for student practical learning. The school director has also collaborated with eight other local schools regarding allowing them to use the training equipment, CPR Mannequin and Wound Imitator, to teach training at other schools as well. This project has potential to have a large scale positive community impact. Once we have the equipment necessary and hold training on CPR and First Aid the students and teachers will have an opportunity to get certified and be able to pass this knowledge down for years to come. This equipment will be used for a long period of time and once we have the knowledge and supplies the training can be held on a regular basis. The school plans on having first-aid and CPR training sessions on an annual basis. Students are regularly taught about CPR and First Aid through their form teacher but do not have the opportunity to practice these crucial skills through hands-on learning. With this equipment and the additional training given to them by trained medical doctors they will be prepared to intervene in an emergency. The learning lab that will be created by this project will serve students at our school for years to come. This project will lead to a successful partnership between our school and local doctors which will be positive for our students. This will create an updated space where students can do homework or where training sessions can be held in the future.

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