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This project is led by Alexander Orta, a Volunteer from Florida

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The financial literacy and business development course will equip families and low-income members of the community with the knowledge needed to improve their financial futures. The training will include 12 training sessions with industry experts and booklets with the training material. Local businesses will be providing some refreshments at the trainings and the location will be provided by the local government. We envision people having a better grip on their financial reality, learning how to budget so they can have money when needed, and develop retirement plans. In addition, participants will have a better understanding of credit and debt and how to use them to their advantage. Business owners and potential entrepreneurs will also benefit from this by gaining a better understanding of how to manage their business funds to grow their businesses.

Through needs assessments and through extensive conversations with the government and local citizens, we have learned that financial stability and literacy is an area of great need in the community. We began hearing repeated conversations about the financial issues facing the community and its citizens during town hall meetings and rayon council meetings. Our community foundation decided to organize 3 focus group meetings to identify how to best meet the educational needs of the community in these areas and develop training courses.

Regarding sustainability, this project has 6 main points:

  1. The attendees will all get to keep their training manuals for future reference
  2. The training will happen multiple times to help more people gain the knowledge
  3. Trainers will be available to provide advise or feedback to attendees
  4. The information will be available on a website for attendees convenience
  5. Community Foundation staff will be trained on running these trainings in the future
  6. NGO staff will have developed a strong working partnership with the regional Chamber of Commerce.

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